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Have you ever stumbled upon our website and wondered just what on earth it is that we do?

In the words of our website, “Hive Engineering is a firm specializing in all aspects of environmental engineering and science…consisting of a team of highly skilled scientists, technologists, and professional engineers.” The definition of our abilities is lengthy and somewhat confusing, but we are going to try and break it down to help you understand just what Hive has to offer.

Environmental engineers, in turn, provide environmental consulting. This means that we have been trained to work for private and public sector clients and address any of the environmental issues they may have. This could include things such as problems with water pollution, air quality or even soil contamination, just to name a few. As environmental engineers, we have gained scientific knowledge and experience to conduct environmental assessments in order to help solve the problems our clients may have.

Not only do we help clients fix their environmental problems, but we are able to advise them going forward on what might prevent further problems and even things they can do to make our environment a better place to be. We are able to assist companies in reducing their carbon footprint, advise them on how to remove harmful chemicals and materials from their workspace or aid them in complying with environmental laws and regulations.

Of course, working with an environmental engineering firm like Hive can benefit you or your company in many ways – but there is one specific perk not often mentioned. Environmental consulting services are often considered an eco-friendly choice for businesses. When a company makes an eco-friendly decision, it is seen as a positive change by other companies and potential clients. By using their eco-friendly decisions and changes as a marketing tool, they can promote themselves as being green or environmentally conscious. Just one way that we as environmental engineers can pay it forward.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what an environmental engineer does but hopefully helps you to understand our job a bit better. If you have any questions, or if you’re interested in what we do please contact Hive Engineering. We’d love to put our services to the test for you!