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An Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA is the process of determining the impact that a project will have on the environment and in turn, the impact the environment could have on a project. An EIA or Environmental Assessment (EA) can be a requirement of either the provincial or federal governments. In addition to determining whether or not a project should proceed, the EIA or EA will provide recommendations to mitigate potential effects to the environment if the project is to move forward. The assessment often includes biological field studies, socioeconomic studies, archaeological studies and a public consultation process.

Watercourses and wetlands are regulated provincially in Atlantic Canada; fish habitat is currently regulated federally by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). Each regulator has specific requirements for the assessment of these water features and regulations and guidelines for projects within proximity to regulated features. Our aquatic and plant biologists are skilled in wetland delineations and watercourse assessments.

Environmental permits are required for a number of activities in Atlantic Canada such as working in proximity to regulated environmental features (i.e. wetlands, watercourses, species at risk) or obtaining an approval to operate an industrial facility (i.e. quarry, waste disposal facility, etc.). We can help guide you through the process of receiving both federal and provincial environmental permits and approvals under a variety of regulations (Species at Risk Act or SARA, Fisheries Act, Clean Water Act, etc.). Our engineers have a detailed understanding of existing regulations and excellent relationships with regulators to ensure timely processing of permits to get your project moving forward.

Environmental monitoring is often required on a project if it is located in an environmentally sensitive area. Working together with the contractor, we will assist you with developing a strategic and cost-effective plan for monitoring services during construction.

A compliance audit is the systematic process of ensuring that a facility is in compliance with its Approval to Operate or other internal procedure document. Hive personnel are equipped to identify deficiencies in your internal procedures and provide recommendations to mitigate potential future environmental or human health liabilities.

Most quarry or mine sites in Atlantic Canada require an Approval to Operate. Part of the approval requires the submission of a rehabilitation plan that will be implemented upon closure of the facility. Hive understands that our client’s operation plans can change drastically over the lifespan of a quarry, mine or pit. Therefore, we work with regulators to build flexibility into the rehabilitation plan all while ensuring on-going operation of your facility.

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